Friday, April 1, 2011

What do you think of when you hear the word banana? I think of a yellow fruit that monkeys like. There is much more to a banana than a yellow fruit that monkeys like. There is history and a lot of things facinating aobut bananas.

The word banana mens musa paradisca. Which means fruit of the wise men. The banana is said to have orighinbatd in Malaysia or Indonesia. The banana spread like the black plauge. Around the time of Columbus it spread to the Middle East. And sooner or later it reached the U.S.

The Banana is the most popular fruit in the United States. The bananas are harvested when the are green and they are alos shipped when green. Bananas have potasium, vitamins A and C and they are low in protein. Bananas have from 125 to 130 calorits. Bananas are also easily dijested. Bananas are 75% water.

There is a lot of vareteies of bananas. Bananas are berries. A berry is a fruit with seed in the middle and skin. Bananas don't grow on trees. when they grow they are just gigantic herbs with no trunks. There is only 1 stock per plant. It takes around 15 to 18 months to grow a stock. First they harvest the stalk. Then they cut it down. After that they cut the "mom" plant. Finally the roots send shoots up and it grows again.

Bananas are labeled with the names of their countries. Equador is the #1 exporter of Bananas. Another big exporter is honduras. A local experter in Greenfield is Equador. A foreign exporter is Taiwan.

In conclusion, now Whenever I hear the word bananas I will think of a berry that grows on a giant branch. A very nutritious fruit. It is the food of the gods. And finally it is a wildly consumed fruit.



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